Do We Take Insurance?

Synergy Restorative Medicine approaches patient care in a fundamentally different way than that of conventional medicine. Investigating and identifying the root cause of a patient’s health concerns are paramount in developing treatment protocols and processes that benefit the individual. Often, hours are dedicated to studying labs, preparing treatment plans and personalizing educational programs aimed to equip the patient with the knowledge to regain control of their own health. This approach results in longer appointments and in-depth research and testing as Physicians gather the necessary information needed to identify root cause and develop corrective measures.

  • Insurance Limitations:

Most insurance coverage plans place limitations on a Physician’s ability to treat Patients.  Because specific fee schedules must be maintained, the appointment times are narrowed to 5 to 15 minutes with restrictions placed on the types of procedures/testing that can be performed.  Conventional medicine relies heavily on pharmaceutical treatments that mask symptoms or surgical options that may not be in the best interest of the patient.  Providing the Gold Standard of Care for our Patients would not be possible if the same limitations were placed on our Physicians therefore, Synergy Restorative Medicine is a cash pay enterprise.

  • Labs and Imaging:

Typically, labs are covered by most insurance plans when specimens are sent to “in-network” laboratories.  Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance company to identify “in-network” laboratories that will cover the costs of such labs and provide that information to the Synergy Physicians.  Please note, Medicare, Medicaid, Military, and other government insurance plans will not cover lab expenses and will need to be paid by the patient. Synergy utilizes laboratories with low out-of-pocket costs to help make services as affordable as possible.


Are there any other Reimbursements?

Depending on the insurance company and specific plan(s), a percentage of the services rendered at Synergy may be reimbursed directly to the patient when they submit a “superbill” to the insurance company.  Please note that reimbursement highly depends on the in-network/out-of-network coverage and deductible therefore Synergy Restorative Medicine cannot offer any guarantees of possible reimbursement but will supply all documentation necessary to support the patient’s claim (invoices, superbill). It is recommended that the patient contacts their insurance provider for information on the reimbursement process (if applicable).