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Chronic Illness Treatments

Synergy offers Chronic Illness Treatments in Chandler and the East Valley. The definition of chronic disease is a persistent health condition lasting 1 year or greater that requires continual medical care and generally accepted as a condition that “cannot be cured”.  At Synergy, we investigate the possible causes of your condition(s) with an emphasis in supporting the natural physiology of the body with the goal of managing the known symptoms.  In many cases, these symptoms are reduce thus lessening the dependency on prescription medication(s).

The first step in regaining a state of health is to understand how one got to their current state in the first place. For thousands of years, nature and the human body have been, for the most part, unadulterated by synthetic, man-made chemicals, which largely are not tested against human exposure for unforeseen problems. Especially in the last 200 years, the rate of disease has exploded as societies increased their dependency on industrialization, immediate gratification and synthetic substances deemed as “medicine” or “food”. To truly understand the origin of dis-ease, one must look at the larger picture of personal choices we have made throughout life.

Synergy was created to regenerate the patient clinical experience. Our philosophy is to identify the caused to degenerative ailments and develop a customized patient plan to optimize quality of life, restore physical/mental wellness and increase longevity. Delivering the Gold Standard of Care is our mission, we succeed by listening to each patients’ goals, tirelessly investigating the causes of ailments and supporting the bodies inherent ability to heal and regenerate. Contact Synergy and learn how we can help you.

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